You've probably seen potato sack races, horse races, three-legged races and more. But nothing quite compares to the excitement of a crawfish race!

As each crawfish and his human are announced, the competitors, numbered with liquid paper, are lifted from a cardboard box and lowered into the bottomless starting bucket, which is set in the center of the racetrack. The trainers and spectators squeeze in toward the racing board, a series of concentric circles. The referee lifts the bucket and—they're off!

The owners pound their palms on the racing board to encourage movement amongst the crawfish and frenzy amongst the crowd. The referee's announcement that the losers will be sentenced to the boiling pot adds to the anticipation. (But who's he kidding? I don't expect the winners will be kept as pets alongside the family dog).

races.2This is a raucously fun event you wont want to miss!

If you'd like to participate, please register for the race so we will know how many crawfish will need to be in training until race day!

$5.00 Entry Fee is Required


Crawfish Races

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